If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

Welcome to C-V SAMPLES promotions.
As you may already know, we are in sample pack and music industry for over a 2 years now and we know how hard is to promote your tracks, mixes, and other music related projects. Our policy from beginning was to help young and upcoming producers by providing quality sample packs but with low price because we know how hard is to earn money for young producers these days. Now, we want to help even more. For these 2 years, we gathered loyal and music targeted fans and followers around our company and you can reach them if you choose our promotions. These leads like producers emails, targeted facebook audience, Soundcloud users, website visitors other companies sold for over $1000 because they know how valuable they are. You can get all that  for much lower prices if you promote yourself via C-V SAMPLES PROMOTIONS.
What makes us different from other promotion platforms and services?
First, we never bought any follower, fan, email etc. We get them all by releasing and selling sample packs. So maybe our numbers of followers are lower, but every single one is real fan and real music lover.
Second, prices are around 80% lower than other services. We never started this C-V SAMPLES project because money, so we don`t want to start now.
And maybe most important reason to pick our promotions. We have major artist who released at our store and they checking all the time what`s going on with company. List of producers involved in C-V SAMPLES company are long but lets mention artists like Sunstars, USAI, ANDERBLAST, Havoc&Lawn, Pessto, David Fesser, Tim van Werd, Mathieu Gocher, Massivedrum and many more. Our users and supporters are Eddie Thoneick, Will K, Corey James, Matt Nash, Thomas Newson,  Merk&Kremont, Lumberjack, TUJAMO, AK9, Micha Moor and list goes on and on. They all receive info of our products by our promotions.
So if you want to successes and promote your music to right people, check bellow what we offer and with easy price calculator, check our prices and make a order.

Check out what we have to offer.

With an over a 15.000 monthly visits, our website is a perfect place to be spotted by a lot of young and senior producers with a same passion – MUSIC. Also, our products are checked by big names like Matt Nash, Sunstars, Eddie Thoneick, Lumberjack, TUJAMO, Corey James and more, so your ads will be deliver to right people for sure.

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Our followers are specially targeted producers. We gain them with sample pack releases, free sample packs and quality tools for producers. Your track will be reposted for a week.

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Our Facebook page is a place where all our regular customers and fans check daily what is new at our store. So if you choose our Facebook promotion, your post will get organic reach and will be shown to right people with music production as main interest. 

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This is for sure the most powerful tool in our promotions. These 15.000+ emails are collected in over a 2 years of hard work by our team. All of them are ONLY contacts from real producers and big major producers.

  • Sending Newsletter To 15.000+ Addresses With You Content
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