Exotic Guitars by Divolly & Markward


  • Melody Guitar Loops
  • Support Guitar Loops
  • Guitar Fills
  • Guitar Chords
  • Guitar Shots
  • Vocal Chops & Shots
  • Drum Fills
  • Kicks, Clap, Toms & Rides
  • Signature Divolly & Markward Sounds (From tracks Sensation, Bongo Bong Remix, Boozehound)

140 MB / 140 Samples




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Do you need unique guitars in your track? We have something special for you.

Our boys Divolly & Markward produced this amazing and very useful pack. They invest lot of hours in their studio to record and process all guitar samples. And result is pure gold. They created all you ever need from guitar samples. You can find guitar melodies, guitar support loops, chords, one shots and also guitar fills. They use both acoustic and electric guitars so you can choose what you prefer. All samples are label with key and bpm for easy use.

Beside guitar sounds, they created some new and fresh drums for you. We all know they are specials for drums so they produced some awesome kicks, claps, toms, rides and drum fills. And as a bonus, they put inside some of their signature sounds from tracks like Sensation, Bongo Bong Remix and Boozehound.

We told you this one is something special. Don`t wait and miss these ones. Because producers will smash charts with a help from this pack.

Have fun.

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